Alaska Redistricting Case court documents
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2013 documents
2012 documents
January 2012 Documents

Findings of Fact and Conclusions of law Board Riley et al

Briefs of Amicus Curiae AEB BBNC FNSB


February 2012 Documents

Supreme Court Ruling 3/14/2012

Superior Court Decision 2/3/2012

Supreme Court Scheduling Order 2/8/2012

Aleutians East Borough Amicus Brief to Supreme Court 2/17/12

AFN, TAC et al Amicus Memorandum 02/17/12

AFN, TAC et al Motion to Participate 02/17/12

FNSB Amicus Brief 02/17/12

Riley Reply to ARB Petition 02/17/12

Calista, AVCP Motion to Participate 02/17/12

Calista, AVCP Amicus Brief 02/17/12

Pro Hac Vice on behalf of AVCP 02/17/12

Alaska Redistricting Board Reply to Riley Petition 02/17/12

Alaska Redistricting Board Supplemental Excerpt 02/17/12

September 17 documents

Riley Plaintiffs response to ADP & ARB motions re: ADP late filing 9/17/13

ARB opposition to ADP motion re: ADP late filing 9/17/13

SUPERIOR COURT ORDER re ADP late filing 9/17/13

September 16 documents

ARB Opposition to Riley Plaintiff's Motions/Memos to Strike

ARB Motion for Expedited Consideration to Strike ADP motion for Summary Judgment

ARB Affidavit Nicole Corr

Superior Court Orders: re Exp. Consideration & Riley Motions to Strike

April 16th documents:

AEB objection
BBNC objection
BBNC, Landreth objection
BBNC, Mckinnon objection
BBNC exhibit 3
BBNC exhibit 4
BBNC exhibit 5
BBNC exhibit 6
BBNC exhibit 7
BBNC exhibit 8
BBNC exhibit 9
BBNC exhibit 10
BBNC exhibit 11
FNSB objection
Plaintiffs objection
Petersburg objection

Motion for Summary Judgment filings by the Alaska Redistricting Board
September 12, 2013

MSJ Motion HD 9,12 , MSJ Memo HD 9,12 , Proposed Order HD9,12
MSJ Motion HD1-5 , MSJ Memo HD1-5
MSJ Motion Senate ABC , MSJ Memo Senate ABC
MSJ Motion Truncation , MSJ Memo Truncation , Truncation Ex A
MSJ Motion Geographic Proportionality , MSJ Memo Geographic Proportionality
Geo Prop Ex A , Geo Prop Ex B , Geo Prop Ex C , Geo Prop Affidavit Sandberg

Motion for Summary Judgment filings by the Riley Plaintiffs 9/12/13

MSJ Motion , MSJ Memo , MSJ Exhibits 1-10

PDFname date filed Description
doc018 August 28 Superior Court Order
adp082713 August 27 Alaska Democratic Party response
adp081313 August 13 AK Dem.Party complaint
arb080713 August 7 ARB response to Riley Plaintiffs
riley072513 July 25 Riley Plaintiffs complaint
orderpetforreview071513 July 15 AK Supreme Court order
exparte071213 July 12
amicus071013 July 10
fnsb070513 July 5
bbnc070513 July 5
bbncpet070513 July 5
rileymemo070313 July 3
riley070313 July 3
arb070213 July 3
riley062713 June 27
scotusshelby062513 June 25
aksup062513 June 25
arbpet062113 June 21
riley062113 June 21
rileymemo062113 June 21
aksup062113 June 21
aksup061913 June 19
mcconahy061113 June 11
arb061013 June 10
arbexa061013 June 10
Other 2013 Court Documents

Alaska Supreme Court Opinion No 6741 12/28/12

Alaska Redistricting Board Petition for Rehearing 1/7/13

Riley Plaintiff's Motion for Reconsideration 1/7/13
Riley Palintiff's Memorandum in support 1/7/13
Riley Plaintiff's Affidavit 1/7/13